Friday, May 1, 2009

Do You Feel Lucky?

Do you enjoy bidding on Yahoo or EBay? Do you like the thrill of winning that great pair of earrings, or those 1950's salt and pepper shakers?

Now you can bid on mortgages! That's right - you, too, can become an investor in loans, just like the big Wall Street firms.

Interested? Check out You can search for loans that meet your criteria such as amount, position (first loan or second loan), location, interest rate, etc. You can see information on the borrower to determine the risk. And, if you find something that looks appealing, you can make an offer to the owner of the note. Loanmarket handles all the paperwork, and fees are paid by the seller of the note.

Let me be very clear. I am NOT suggesting you invest in loans and I am NOT recommending Loanmarket. I am simply keeping you informed as to new options in the lending and investing environment.

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