Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Be a Sucker!

Yes, I know I keep harping on this issue. But the number of people getting ripped off by foreclosure scam artists keeps rising. So let's keep it simple.

Want to be CERTAIN that the company offering to help you avoid foreclosure is a scam? Here are three sure-fire signs. If the modification company does ANY of the following - RUN THE OTHER WAY!

If they guarantee that the lender won't foreclose - THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU!

If they ask for any money up-front - THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU!

If they tell you to send your mortgage payments to them instead of the bank - THEY ARE SCAMMING YOU!

I know we all want to hope for the impossible. But these are evil people taking advantage of us at our most vulnerable. Don't fall for their lies. All they can guarantee is that you will lose your home, as well as any money you give them.

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