Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Couple Tells Bank: 'We'll Foreclose On You'

Florida couple Warren and Maureen Nyerges says Bank of America wrongly foreclosed on their home--which they paid cash for and didn’t even have a mortgage on--so they wanted to show the bank how it feels.

In September 2010, a judge ordered Bank of America to repay the couple’s attorney fees. As of last week, the bank still hadn’t paid the couple. So a judge gave the couple permission to seize the bank’s assets until they were repaid the fees.

Last week, the couple showed up at a branch office in Naples, Fla., with sheriff’s deputies and a moving truck with permission to seize furniture, if necessary.

"The branch manager was visibly shaken," said the couple’s attorney Todd Allen. "At that point, I was willing to take the desk and the chair he was sitting in."

The bank issued $5,772.88 to the couple an hour later, and the couple is to receive the rest of the money they are owed this week.

The couple has faced a more than yearlong battle with the bank in trying to resolve a wrongful foreclosure stemming from 2009. The couple purchased a foreclosed home in Naples in 2009 and paid Bank of America $165,000 cash for the home. However, four months after moving in, the bank issued a foreclosure notice against the couple. The mix -up took months to resolve and ultimately went to court where a judge ruled that the couple owned the home outright and the bank owed them reimbursement.

Source: “With Moving Truck, Fla. Couple Threatens Bank With Foreclosure,” MSNBC.com (June 6, 2011)

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