Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How To Get SERVICE From Customer Service

Most of us pay our home loan every month, never thinking there will be a problem. But on those rare occasions when something does go wrong, there is nothing more infuriating then having to deal with an uncooperative customer service representative. Here are a few suggestions that may help you get the service you need.

First and foremost, you must keep careful records of your conversations and correspondence. When you speak with someone, always ask for his or her name and telephone extension. If you mail something, keep a copy. Help the company help you by having these facts in front of you each time you contact them.
If you don’t get the service you expect, ask to speak with a supervisor.

Remember that the service rep’s job is to “shield” management from your call, so be persistent. You may need to ask for a supervisor three or four times before you are put through. And don’t forget to write down the supervisor’s name and phone number.

Never assume that the company is keeping track of these conversations. During each call, ask the person on the other end to be sure and document the call in your file. Ask twice, once at the start of the call and again before you hang up.
But sometimes calling isn’t enough. You then need to resort to putting your concerns in writing. Wait until you’ve had a chance to cool down. Then go to the top - send your letter to the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Be specific and clear in your letter. Send copies of any relevant documents. Refer to the names of those with whom you’ve spoken and the dates the calls were made. Be clear as to what you want the CEO to do.

You will probably not hear back directly from the CEO. But that’s OK. You want the CEO to contact the department that has made the error. If anything is going to get a response, it’s a call from corporate headquarters.

If all else fails, contact the regulatory agencies that oversee your lending institution. The easiest way to do this is to ask the lender; they are required to tell you.

I hope you never need to make use of these tips. But if you do, they may help you get the service you deserve.

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jimminy said...

It's refreshing to have someone actually explain how customer service actually works including how the personnel shield the company as much as possible from customer complaints. Having some avenues of recourse is very helpful. It's clear that each incident requires patience and determination.